Steven Wright

 Steve is passionate about business, privacy, risk and technology. He strives to find a more pragmatic, holistic and converged approach to making all these attributes work harmoniously together.  Steve always seeks to understand how an efficient and effective system can be introduced that protects the business; protects the privacy of an individual and preserves the integrity of company confidential information. Steve believes that this approach can drive growth, and as our relationship and understand of a consumer deepens, we can leverage this information, without jeopardizing our ‘trust’ status as a brand.

Steve previously served as a Group Security Officer, a Privacy Officer, and held senior leadership positions at both PwC, Deloitte and Siemens. Steve has 18 years of practical experience in managing the integrity and reputation of an organisation and has worked with leading organisations such as Diageo, Siemens, Kraft, Reuters, GSK. Steve understands what needs to be done to remain compliant for global legalisation requirements. Over the last few years, he has specialized in global privacy programmes and combines his deep knowledge of Risk and IT  to help implement and maintain appropriate compliance.  Steve has also worked on global compliance/control frameworks that includes; Data Leakage Prevention, Global Incident and Investigations process, E-crime, Data Protection Compliance, and Fraud Prevention . Steve is a published author on PCI DSS and an expert on complex threat environments.

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