Simon Webley

Simon has been Research Director at the Institute for Business Ethics since 1998.

He has published numerous studies on all aspects of business ethics, the most recent being:Corporate Ethics Policies and Programmes 2013 Survey, Employee Views of Ethics at Work: 2012 British Survey (2012), Religious Practices in the Workplace (2011).

He lectures and facilitates training on business ethics issues for organisations in many countries.

Simon is a member of the ICC’s Commission on Corporate Responsibility and Anti-corruption and the British Standards Institute’s (BSI) Anti Bribery Standard Panel. Simon is a trustee of the Kirby Laing Foundation, the Institute for Policy Research and Armonia UK. He is a member of the Rochester Diocesan Synod.

He has a Masters degree in economics and political science from Trinity College, Dublin. He joined Reed International (now Reed Elsevier) as a research economist in 1959. From 1969 until 1998, he was British Director of the British-North American Committee. He was a visiting Fellow of the City (now Cass) Business School from 1993-2003.

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