Murray Grainger 

Murray Grainger is the Founder of Impact on Integrity, an ethics and compliance leadership consultancy, advising organizations and training executives, managers and students. Murray is passionate about using technology and innovation to raise awareness on business ethics, team dynamics, anti-corruption, anti­‐fraud and other risk‐based topics. His highly practical approach is sharply focused on helping companies enhance their integrity programmes in order to improve competitiveness and profitability.

Murray has extensive international business experience, having worked in London, Sydney, Toulouse and Madrid. Until 2013, he was Head of Ethics and Compliance Programme Office at Airbus S.A.S. where he developed Airbus’ network of compliance representatives, delivering effective compliance coverage, including communications, training, alert systems, internal investigations and management metrics, worldwide.

He served as Chair of the ECOA’s Global Business Interest Group and has contributed to publications of the SCCE, Compromiso Empresarial, Expansion and the Institute of Business Ethics.
Murray has an MA (Hons) in International Relations and German from the University of St Andrews, postgraduate law qualifications from BPP Law School and the Global Executive MBA from IESE Business School.

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