Gianpiero Antonazzo

Gianpiero Antonazzo is the Regional Team Leader for Europe and Central Asia investigative team at the Integrity Vice Presidency (INT) of the World Bank. INT is mandated to investigate and bring to sanction cases of fraud and corruption in World bank funded project. INT investigations are “fact finding” exercises and administrative in nature. They can trigger the sanction process within the World Bank that can eventually lead to the debarment of the responsible entities from bidding on future WB funded projects.

Gianpiero Antonazzo joined the World Bank in August 2009. Prior to that he was the Deputy Head of the Financial Investigation Unit within the EULEX Mission in Kosovo, where he directed a team of specialized financial investigators in the fight against corruption in Kosovo. He was seconded to the EU mission by the Italian Guardia di Finanza, which is a financial and economic police force, specialized in tax evasion and financial crimes.

Gianpiero Antonazzo joined Guardia di Finanza in 1992, when he attended the Guardia di Finanza Academy. He graduated from the Academy in 1997 and became a high rank official. Within the Guardia di Finanza he worked in Genoa, Milan and Imola (Bologna), as head of units dealing with tax audits and criminal investigations on financial and economic matters. In 2003 he was seconded for more than one year to the United Nation Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) as Deputy Chief of the Financial Investigation Unit, a unit that had been created to investigate and bring to prosecution cases of corruption in the UNMIK administration.

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