Daniel Sandmann

Daniel Sandmann joined Allianz SE in June 2010 as a Senior Counsel, globally responsible for Compliance Policy, Communications & Regulatory Affairs. His role covers strategic development of the Compliance function, compliance training, culture and communciations as well as all aspects of regulatory compliance, including the lead of the Sales Compliance Program, Solvency II implementation for Compliance and other aspects of prudential and conduct regulation for Compliance. He is a frequent speaker at international Compliance conferences and a lecturer on Compliance at the University of Augsburg.

Prior to joining Allianz, Daniel was Director at Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt as Global Head of Regulatory Affairs Office and European coordinator of MiFD implementation. Daniel has been a research fellow at the Universities of Muenster and Barcelona. He studied at University of Muenster law school , received the bar exam at the Berlin Federal High Court and a Master in European and International Business Law from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. He is a graduate form Harvard Law Schools Program on Negotiation and was a member of the European Commission´s program on Training and Mobility of Young Researchers.

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