Session 3 Breakout: Managing and Protection IP and Trade Secrets Across Europe

In an era of heightened awareness and focus on managing and protecting intellectual property around the world, European developments are signaling new ways of addressing these challenges.  Whether the concern is over trade secrets, patent, or copyright, each presents different levels of consideration at a national level and across the EU.  For example, there has been substantial development in the area of trade secrets, with the European Commission proposing a harmonization of EU member countries trade secret laws.  This gives rise to questions on how companies can best protect their trade secrets.  IP counsel and compliance professionals now have an even more important role in business strategy, ensuring that the company is incorporating best practices in safeguarding IP and keeping abreast of regulatory developments across the EU.  What does this mean for the corporate and compliance landscape to ensure their companies will be prepared to address increased challenges on governing IP.   How can multinationals stay on top concerns both domestically and internationally?

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